A BIG win for Prop 16

A California court ruled late Friday night to stop our opponents from lying to voters about Prop 16 in the voter guide. They tried to strip the word “diversity” from describing Prop 16, but now, with support from the courts, we can firmly say that Prop 16 is a measure that will increase diversity and equal opportunity in California.

Winning this round feels good, but this only means our opponents will double down on their efforts to stop gender and racial equality in California — after all, their ultimate goal is to beat us in November. What they couldn’t do in the voter guide, they will do on TV, online, and by mail.

The court ruled in favor of honesty and in favor of a fair democratic process.

Now, our movement must take the next step to win this campaign. We must continue to build our campaign team. We must have millions of conversations with voters. We must spread our message to almost 20 million California voters.

And we must do this while fighting our opponents’ efforts to divide our communities while they rig the rules to keep women and people of color from advancing in the workplace and our schools.

If you believe we must fight gender discrimination and systemic racism, then donate to our movement today!

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